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Midland West Manufacturing is the source for repair and modification needs for several industries in our region. Because of our experience, equipment, production and engineering staff, we are uniquely qualified to repair or modify nearly any kind of equipment. We specialize in service truck repair, dozer liner repair, and stainless steel repair; but no repair job is too big or too small. We have successfully completed numerous repairs and modification projects for several industries including; power plants, food services, transportation, mining, construction, automotive and others.

Shop and Equipment Capabilities

In order to provide the highest quality products and services to our wide range of customers, we've made sure that we have the equipment to get any job done right. Some of our equipment capabilities include: Hard surfacing, Heli Arching, Plasma Arc Cutting, Sand Blasting, Precision Machining, Plate Rolling, Press Braking and Shearing. From design to fabrication, we get the job done. Below is a partial list of our equipment and their individual capabilities.


Precision holes up to 3" in diameter in plate as thick as 3".

Lathe Turning

Swing material up to 24" diameter x 102" in length over ways; Swing material up to 16" diameter x 102" in length over carriage.

Metal Brake

Break and bend material from 28 gauge to 2" thick. Up to 12' in length depending on thickness.

Metal Rolling

Roll Mild Steel, Stainless and Aluminum up to 1 1/2" thick. Up to 8' wide depending on thickness. Create tubing or pipe as small as 10" in diameter in thinner materials.


Mill shafts up to 36" diameter; Mill flat to any size.


Punch holes up to 3" diameter including slots and squares.


Horizontal band saws for cutting pipe and solid stock up to 16" in diameter. Plasma cutting by hand up to 3" thick material. We have access to Water Jet and Plasma cutting tables.


Shear Mild Steel, Stainless and Aluminum up to 1/2" thick by 10' in length.


MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), Stick (SMAW), and Flux Core(FCAW). Weld materials include Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, AR Plate, T1 and Nickel.

Did Your Gear Give Up the Ghost?

Turn to Midland West Manufacturing for metal repair in Billings, MT

Your business depends on having access to functional equipment. If something breaks down, it can slow down your operation or even stop it completely. When your machinery breaks down, turn to Midland West Manufacturing for metal repair services in Billings, MT. We've been in the equipment repair trade for over 40 years. Our highly skilled production and engineering staff is equipped to handle a variety of repair and modification projects.

Contact us today to discuss your metal repair needs in Billings, MT.

We'll get business back on track

At Midland West Manufacturing, we do what it takes to provide reliable metal repair solutions so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Our Billings equipment repair crew works in support of all kinds of industries including:

  • Power plants and mining facilities
  • Auto and transportation service providers
  • Food service and construction trades
If your equipment isn't meeting your needs, our staff make modifications to streamline your operation. Call now to learn more about our equipment repair services in Billings, MT.